Review: 'The Taffetas' at Interlakes Theatre Meredith, NH

Angelica Potter

The Taffetas pays tribute to the girl groups of the 1950’s as it gives us a singing sister group (The Taffetas) who are making their television debut on a show called “Spotlight on Music”. These four sisters, wonderfully played by Emily Nies (Kaye), Elise Watson (Peggy), Hannah Zieser (Donna), and Ari Raskin (Cheryl) bring smiles and comedy to their versions of some of the greatest 50’s hits. 

The opening night performance of The Taffetas was also the start of the summer season for Interlakes Theater in Meredith, NH (in the heart of the lakes region). And if what I saw last night is any indication of the upcoming season, I am looking forward to being back in the audience very soon.

Photo credit: Interlakes Theatre 

Photo credit: Interlakes Theatre 

The best part of this show is the impeccable harmonies that these four amazing vocalists presented. I cannot recall the last time that I was so amazed at how well a small group of singers were able to not only perform perfect harmonies, but also continue to wonderfully blend throughout the show. It was fantastic! I know those ladies must have been working very hard this past week to create a unified voice while also showing their unique character. With every song and every solo, big or small, these ladies demonstrated their training, dedication to the art and their sheer joy and love of music. Lastly, what made the show stand out and not become another tribute concert performance, were finely placed comedic moments, quirky facial expressions and simple, yet precise, choreography.  

The enthusiastic audience last night laughed and cheered the whole way through. A few comments overheard were, “We knew all the songs and could quietly sing along!”, “Those girls looked like they were having so much fun up there!” and “I didn’t know what to expect when we arrived tonight, but I’m glad we came. This is wonderful.” Now, I didn’t know all of songs like some people in the audience, but I certainly agree with all of their comments.

Unfortunately, The Taffetas only runs until this Sunday June 28th, 2015, but I highly suggest if you are in the Lakes Region to go check it out. It’s a wonderful night out with great music that may bring you on a trip down memory lane. Tickets and additional information can be found at     

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