Review: 'The Last Five Years' at CT Cabaret Theatre

Steve Gifford

According to the latest census data, the divorce rate among couples in their mid to late 20's is around 32%. While divorce is not a rare occurrence among married couples, for the people going through one(trust me, I know), it is always painful, personal yet sometimes for the best. 

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The beauty and tragedy of Jason Robert Brown's The Last Five Years, is that we know what happens to the couple that the musical centers on. We know this because the first song shows a sullen Cathy alone right after Jamie has left her. And while we see Cathy's perspective walk back in reverse through her life with Jamie, we simultaneously see Jamie start his relationship with Cathy. From there, we begin to see how this relationship formed and fell apart from both sides. 

The production running right now at the CT Cabaret Theatre captures all of what makes this piece so special. From the butterflies to the tears, director Kris McMurrary and Music Director Sean Lewis are meticulous with making sure every detail is covered. McMurray shows off some of his best work to date with creative staging in the tight space and Lewis navigates well through Brown's incredibly challenging score. 

Of course, to pull something like this off, you need to have two strong leads with believable chemistry. Well, Kaite Corda and Nick D’Angelo are everything you would hope for in these two roles. 

Ms. Corda is an absolute tour de force in this role. In one of the best performances I've seen this year, her vocal styling is jaw dropping impressive as runs the full gamut from comic highlight to gut wrenching sympathy.

Mr. D'Angelo's Jamie is certainly put in a harsher light. Trying to balance a rising writing career as well as being a attentive and faithful husband, while we might want to slap some sense into Jamie, we surprisingly understand his side as well. Mr. D'Angelo brings all of this to life very well in a terrific portrayal. 

This is an exquisite production and by far one of the best I've seen at this theatre. I cannot recommend it enough. 

The show runs through Feb 13th. For tickets and info, visit,