Review: The Lipstick Project's "Heartbreak Hotel"

Chris Peterson

  • OnStage Editor-in-Chief
  • Twitter: @CMPeterson81

When I was younger, I had my heart broken quite a lot. While each scenario was a bit different from one another, the remedy was always the same, music. 

I would go into my room, put on a mix tape, my headphones and just tune out for little while. And do you know what? Most of the time it worked. 

This weekend, the Lipstick Project, produced a musical revue to explore how heartbreak and music go hand in hand and how one needs the other. 

"Heartbreak Hotel" was a revue conceived by Jess Rodi and directed by Rachel Schulte. The concept consisted of various women "checking in" to the hotel for various reasons. Whether it was a lost lover or a victim of abuse, each had a reason for visiting the establishment. 

The cast was chock full of talent from all over the area. The cast featured Sara DeFelice, Marilyn Olsen, Sara Detrik, Kelly Killmer, Rachel Lewis, Karen Chodash, Claire Kenny, Heather Abrado, Natasha Edwards, Jenny Cormier . Lisa Dahlstrom , Lauren Gulliver and Julie Thaxter-Gourlay. 

This ensemble performed such recognizable numbers as "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?", "Time After Time", "Because of You" and "Concrete Angel". 

What I really liked about this production was that while each performers singing styles and ability differed, their performances were strong, clear and cutting. Ms. Schulte smartly conveyed that heartbreak isn't momentary, it's relentless. If you were looking for lighter moments, you were at the wrong show. But again, that's the honesty of heartbreak, 

Being a one man band is a tough job but Greg Chrzczon proved once again why he's the perfect choice for that job. 

The show ended with "Bridge Over Troubled Water". With the staging of the number, we don't see how things turn around for each woman but we begin to see that it could, which is exactly how I felt after listening to that mix tape. 

Kudos once again to this fantastic group.