Review: Regional premiere of ‘OH GOD’ at Chester Theatre Company

Angelica Potter

  • OnStage Massachusetts Critic

Chester MA - Chester Theatre Company in collaboration with Israeli Stage presents the Regional Premiere of ‘OH GOD’ by celebrated Israeli female playwright Anat Gov and translated by Anthony Berris. Directed by Israeli Stage Producing Artistic Director Guy Ben-Aharon, the audience watches a therapy session between psychologist Ella and God unfold before them. God has come to Ella to aid him in curing his increasing depression while Ella has a hard time even believing that he exists. 

The play begins with Ella asking a few standard questions such as “Who are you?” and “What is your profession?” To these she receives the answers “I am that I am” and “an artist”. While it takes her a while to believe that he really is God and he really is looking for her help, the two are finally able to delve down, deep into the past to discover what has brought God to this point of severe depression and a desire to die; which would mean the ending all of humankind, his creation, first. 

 Photo Credit: L to R: Maureen, Keiller, Will Lyman

Photo Credit: L to R: Maureen, Keiller, Will Lyman

Ella and God are played by well-known Boston performers Maureen Keiller and Will Lyman. The pair has performed readings of the play a number of times and therefore their comfort with each other and the piece is clear from the start. They are incredibly in tune with both their characters and each other. Keiller takes the stage first and quickly displays the worry, disappointment and heavy heart that Ella carries. Lyman’s portrayal of God is powerful yet emotional, funny yet incredibly sad. They easily converse throughout the play drawing the audience deeper with every passing moment. In the intimate space, we could see every tear well in their eyes, hear every nuance in their dialog and feel the power and surety they placed in every word they spoke. They delivered an incredible performance that held the audience’s attention from beginning to end. 

Overall, ‘OH GOD’ is an intellectual and thought provoking piece of theatre that is sure to spark conversation amongst its audience members. ‘OH GOD’ runs 90 minutes with no intermission and plays at the historic Town Hall, 15 Middlefield Road in Chester, MA. Show times are 8:00pm Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and 2pm Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Ticket prices are $37.50 for general audiences and $10.00 for students and residents of Chester. For tickets or more information visit For more information on Israeli Stage visit 

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