Review: 'Cabaret the Musical' at XY

Samantha Dowdell

Under the direction of Gerald Williams, Cabaret the Musical at XY on Davie street is an exhilarating and intimate show that feels larger than the stage it’s on! There is such great attention to detail that starts before the curtain parts, and the energy and musical talent from the entire cast is unbelievable. The audience is enchanted from the moment they walk in the door, to the second they leave back down the stairs!

The venue is intimate and cozy, and the audience members are energizing and appreciative of the performances. The room was electric all the way through the show, unwavering with the emotional tides of the plot. The entire ensemble is incredibly charismatic and Gil Yarron is absolutely captivating and exhilarating. His performance as the emcee spread gasps and guffaws through the audience, and the more he took to the stage, the more I was convinced of his amazing talent as an entertainer. Together with his entourage, the powerfully entertaining ensemble makes the fun of the Cabaret come to life!

Sarah Seekamp’s “Sally Bowles” is absolutely enthralling. Perfect for her role, it was impossible to take my eyes of her thrilling performance. Everything about her was absolutely engaging and her magnificent voice demands attention with every word. Her industrious character is vivid and dynamic, sucking in audiences to feel her joy, wrath, and vulnerability. Truly, she was the star of the cabaret, and her fine work onstage just in her first number is enough to make the show worth every penny.

The masterful and sensational talent of Stephanie Stanley as “Fraulien Kost” completely blew me away with her star voice and marvelous acting. The talent only continues however, as the entire cast’s musical ability is unparalleled to some shows of even triple the size. Only 12 years of age, Jian Ross completely steals the show as a young soloist. Her crystal-clear angelic voice fills the venue and takes breath away! Jacqollyne Keath as “Frau Schneider” is a highly professional and a masterful actress, while Charlie Deagnon as “Herr Schultz” wowed us with his incredibly sweet voice. Together, their rendition of “It Couldn’t Please Me More” sends hearts through the roof and is one of the most memorable moments of the night!

The entire production is fantastically entertaining, and not one moment or space is wasted. Heart wrenching, the last song will leave you bewildered and wanting more, yet satisfied. The show is enjoyable from any seat in the house, and the creative use of floor space in the audience area creates an intimacy that could not be possible in a bigger venue. Every musical number feels larger than life, as the cast creates unforgettable moment after unforgettable moment. You will be floored by the incredible musical talent of the cast and orchestra, and baffled by their energy and commitment to their roles. At first, the show was shockingly enticing, then hysterically charming, and at last, profoundly moving. The entire place felt jam packed with such talent and professionalism, I was simply disappointed they couldn’t fit more people in to see it!