Review: “Girl Crush” at Lunchbox Theatre

Vicki Trask

OnStage Calgary Critic

I have a feeling that “Girl Crush” is a show I was meant to see. If I were to give you my initial reactions as I walked out of the Lunchbox Theatre it would be a serious of expletives in wonderment at this woman. It’s a one hour cabaret performance by the incredibly charming Sharron Matthews that made me laugh, cry, and beg for more. The only bad thing about this production was that it ended too soon. With music performed by Calgary-based artist Vincent Bundick, Sharron tells stories of her childhood, her life up until now, singing classic songs with her own flair, and just entertaining her audience by being herself. Regardless of how scripted her performance may or may not have been, her transitions were entertaining and she gave such a spontaneous feel. It felt like we were the first people in the world to hear her stories – despite some of those tales being about other presentations of “Girl Crush”.

I loved how the Lunchbox Theatre was set up with cocktail tables and tea lights, creating an intimate nightclub setting for Sharron to play in. And she just commanded the stage. My favourite thing was that she was wholly, unapologetically herself; hilarious, emotional, and totally engaging.

That’s it: I loved it. Tons of 80s references but universally relatable; smart, confident, and a host of other adjectives that tell you I was astounded and inspired by this woman. What’s more, she encouraged all emerging artists to pursue their own creative endeavors. I cannot tell you how significant that is in the ever changing performing arts market. 

The last thing I have to say is thank you, Sharron for creating this show. Beyond all the gushing, I enjoyed the stories you told, and the honest nature of your presentation. Simply put: I have a girl crush on Sharron Matthews.