Review: 'The Comedy of Errors' from STL Shakespeare

Erin Karll

  • OnStage St. Louis Critic

STL Shakespeare company latest production is 'The Comedy of Errors' and plays at The Ivory Theatre in St Louis. It is a great showing of this classic piece from The Bard's work. Closing out their 32nd season of bringing Shakespeare to the gateway city with this funny and witty show.

The setting of the show is the port town of Ephesus. A man is in search of his sons and wife, but is jailed for being from a different town named Syracuse. We then meet a pair of travelers from Syracuse. They are mistaken for townspeople who not only share their names, but look exactly alike too. Conflict continues to move the plot along as the two sets of twins move around town interacting with others and not behaving like their namesakes.

The cast avoid the overacting clichés that often plague Shakespeare productions. Physical comedy and stage presence took center stage. Michael Pierce (Dromio of Ephesus) and Zac McMillan (Dromio of Syracuse) both are entertaining and convincing waving from frightened to embolden all while being flung around by Chuck Winning (Antipholus of Ephesus) and Shane Signorino (Antipholus of Syacuse). Casting of these two pairs is wonderful. They look alike and have a group chemistry that works on stage. The ensemble rounded out the cast perfectly. I enjoyed Abraham Shaw's (jailer/officer) work in the scene where the arrest happens. Again great work of physical comedy without overdoing.

The costumes (Annalise Webb) were beautiful. Period looking, but functional. The shoe throwing had to be fun to plan. The set (Scott McDonald) fit the wonderful direction (Shaun Sheley). Excellent use of color and props on the house and the boardwalk.

I would recommend this production for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of Shakespeare. The story is told with humor and charm. Visit for ticket and show information. 'The Comedy of Errors' runs until April 9th at The Ivory Theatre.