A U.K. Review in (Exactly) 250 Words: La Soirée

Harriet Wilson

Just when you thought you'd seen it all in the West End, La Soirée lands triumphantly on the stage of the Aldwych theatre. La Soirée is an energetic, entertaining and highly impressive production which is guaranteed to leave you laughing … and completely befuddled.

If you're looking to see something which is high energy, high impact, and loads of fun, then this show, a mixture of circus and cabaret, could be perfect for you. It's fast-paced, full of total audience interaction (heads up – don't sit near the front if you're not into that), and leaves you wanting more.

The great thing about La Soirée is the immense variety in the show. Acts like Amy G and Cabaret Decadanse, for example, are hugely entertaining. These performances are fantastic as stand-alone acts but, in addition, break up the show and keep the audience engaged throughout. I should mention at this point that some of the humour in La Soirée is … on edge. But there is a kids' version of the show (La Petit Soirée) which you could opt for if looking to bring young ones along.

The likes of The Chilly Brothers and Mallakhamb India perform feats which are genuinely terrifying to watch, with not just skill but also with superb showmanship. Others, like Leon and Klodi, are equally spectacular … and that's just naming a few of the many acts involved.

This selection box of fireworks is flying high at the Aldwych theatre until the beginning of February.

Photo: Brinkhoff Mogenburg