A UK Review in (Exactly) 250 Words: "Teddy" at The Watermill Theatre

Harriet Wilson

Gripping, witty, and deliciously atmospheric, Teddy is the story of two teenagers in post-war Britain, desperately seeking solace in rock 'n' roll. The play is written in relaxed verse interspersed with music, giving the production an edge which is refreshingly different and highly intriguing.

Teddy is completely unpredictable, exciting, fresh, and genuinely tense at times. Exploring the fantastic juxtaposition of a depressed post-war Britain, with teenage rebellion and rock 'n' roll, the play delves into not only a fascinating era, but also the lives of two fascinating characters.

Molly Chesworth and George Parker play these two characters (Josie and Teddy). Chesworth's sharp, confident performance exudes rebellion, whilst Parker gives the audience an insight into the ultimate vulnerability of the two characters. Both are engaging, and extremely believable.

A four-person band, Johnny Valentine and the Broken Hearts, comprises the remainder of the show's cast. The band creates a sizzling musical backdrop to the play, and their charisma infuses the whole theatre with energy.

Just like the band, the staging used heightens the atmosphere of Teddy so that, despite the fact that you're sat in a quaint countryside theatre in 2018, you can completely lose yourself in 1950s London.

All in all, Teddy is the perfect play for anybody looking to see something that is interesting, atmospheric, and gripping. With ticket prices for productions at The Watermill remaining steadily affordable (£15 – £26.50), there's really no reason to miss this.

Teddy is playing at The Watermill Theatre until the 10th February 2018. On tour from 13 Feb to 24 March. Transferring to The Vaults, London, 29 March to 5 May.

Photo: TEDDY - Molly Chesworth and George Parker. Photo by Scott Rylander