Review: “The Bridge” at The Tank


Anthony J. Piccione

  • New York Critic

When it comes to conceptual dance and performance pieces, I am always a fan of work that adapts poetry. When it’s done right, it often can feel like some of the most incredibly beautiful works of performance that there is. So when I was invited to review Natalia Roberts’s dance show inspired by Shel Silverstein’s “The Bridge”, I was certainly intrigued. When I got to the theater, however, I quickly realized that the show wasn’t necessarily an adaptation, so much as it was a response.

The choreography itself is excellent, and captures the tone of the work it’s inspired by wonderfully. Ms. Roberts’s ensemble of dancers is very exceptional, and does a very fine job at creating a lively and engaging atmosphere throughout the show. The show is also choreographed to an impressive variety of music ranging from classical and ambient music to hip-hop and electronic music, which left this reviewer very impressed.

My favorite moment, however, came during the penultimate moment of the show, when Ms. Roberts appears on stage to respond to the poem that inspired her work, and speak of how she came to cross the bridge the poem speaks of on her own. The only criticism I have is that, in terms of the show’s structure, I couldn’t help but feel that it should have been the concluding moment of the show, rather than before it. However, that’s my one minor criticism in an otherwise nicely conceived and excellently choreographed show.

Unfortunately, the show only ran for two performances, so I am unable to recommend our readers attend any future performances. However, I would certainly recommend keeping an eye out for any future performances of Ms. Roberts in the future. I certainly will be intrigued to see what her next dance concept will be, going forward…



 “The Bridge” – based on a poem by Shel Silverstein – was conceived and is choreographed by Natalia Roberts, featuring dancers Nicole Baker, Anastasia Clark, Jimmy Crowell, Núria Martin Fandos, AJ Guevara, Nicole Morris, Hassiem Muhammad, Brittany Posas, and Ellie Weinmann.

“The Bridge” – presented by The Mover’s and Maker’s Lab – ended its run at The Tank, located at 312 W 36th Street, New York, NY, on November 15th.

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