A Book Review in (Exactly) 250 Words: Talent Isn't Enough

Harriet Wilson

Written by former actress Charlotte Thornton, Talent Isn't Enough is informative and enjoyable in equal measures. This fun and helpful book enables actors to look at their careers from a different angle, a business angle, and is a fantastic starting point for anybody looking to shake up their goals and strategies.

The text is enriched by Thornton's own experiences and, even if only a couple of the suggested strategies work for you, this book is guaranteed to get you thinking outside the box when it comes to a career in acting.

            As the name of Thornton's book suggests, talent really isn't all you need to succeed as an actor. This book covers ten strategies which actors should adopt to turn their talent into successful careers, ranging from the right mind-set, to saying no, to using social media. The list goes on, even touching on the Law of Attraction and Quantum physics (which is, admittedly, a stretch). Although it's occasionally a little repetitive, this is fundamentally good advice, well given.

Whether or not you can get on board with all of Thornton's strategies, you're bound to pick up an array of handy hints from Talent Isn't Enough, and the anecdotal advice given will almost certainly spark loads of different ideas – small or large – which just might help you to refresh your career strategy as an aspiring actor.

            Talent Isn't Enough is now available on Amazon, and will shortly  be available as a printed book as well as an audiobook.