U.K. Review: "Double Feature" at Edinburgh Kings Theatre

Lewis Baird

  • United Kingdom Theatre Critic

Andy Gray and Grant Stott returned to the Kings Theatre tonight (Friday 18th May 2018), for the penultimate performance of their hit Fringe show, Double Feature. I had not yet seen this production so was looking forward to seeing what the pair had to offer in collaboration with writer Phil Differ, and director Ryan Dewar.

The story is based around two workers reminiscing as they clear out a cinema after its closure. However, not everything is as simple as it seems, there is a blockbuster plot twist in this story's tale.


Andy Gray and Grant Stott are legends within Scotland's theatre industry, they have a great fanbase, due to their popularity in panto and also their annual Edinburgh Fringe run. In this play the characters are very similar to the two gentlemen just with a more complex background. I feel that Gray and Stott both play believable characters. And that humour is just in their bones, when it came to the impressions of the cinema workers, I was in stitches! Especially Andy’s impression of the sleazy owner. The two had the audience in the palm of their hand and told them a quirky story with two very funny, but believable characters.

Phil Differ's script offered the audience some nostalgia as the characters took a trip down memory lane. There is a good amount of depth in there for the character's journey, at points its obvious where the modifications have been made for Stott and Gray, apart from that its a pretty smooth enjoyable script.

Ryan Dewar is the director of this production, he has helped direct the duo to hit the funny and dramatic beats of the play. With a simplistic layout on stage and some complex lighting/sound design, it works to add to an element of this story.

This play was a funny, enjoyable and dramatic story. Andy Gray and Grant Stott are the main elements that make this play flow with a great balance of drama and hilarity. It was an evening of 4/5 star entertainment. Even though this production is finished, I am looking forward to their next Fringe production, The Junkies. And of course the duo with reunite with Alan Stewart in Beauty and the Beast.


Tickets for The Junkies- https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/junkies

Tickets for Beauty and the Beast- http://www.capitaltheatres.com/beautyandbeast