Review: "It Shoulda Been You" at SCC Center Stage Theatre

Erin Karll

"It Shoulda Been You" is a charming musical about a wedding that goes wrong and then right and then wrong and then right again. A modern love story, the plot is fast paced and has many moving parts. Center Stage Theatre completes the season with a top notch production. I was on the edge of my seat wondering where the next turn was, but also resting comfortably watching the talented cast perform this stunning score from Brian Hargrove and Barbara Anselmi (Composer). 

Set in a hotel on the eve of a wedding I was impressed with the scene transitions from one guest room to another, from the bathroom and then the ballroom. An excellent showing from Director Lynne Snyder and Jeff Roop (Technical Director). The set looked great and the actors moved with ease from scene to scene. Also working very well was make-up, wardrobe, and hair by Deborah Phillips. The cast looked stunning either in formal gowns and tuxes or a more relaxed everyday clothes and robes. I truly felt like I was a fly on the wall watching the events unfold. 

Jen Brown commands attention as ‘Jenny Steinberg’. Myself and many audience members could easily make a connection with this slightly “Everyman” character played so openly. Her chemistry with every other actor was an honest look at a family in the middle of a few life changing events. Kat Leffler (Judy Steinberg) showed the perfect mix of humor and compassion that makes up a mother. 

Justin Spurgeon (Albert), Nick Elieff (Walt), and Jordan Hendrix (Mimsy) are the perfect comedic relief as the trio hotel staff that stole many scenes with a quick one liner or look. Spurgeon appeared like a genie, and saved his real magic for the finale. Nick Lane fits the bill as the nervous but lovable Marty Kaufman. 

Allison Arana (Rebecca Steinberg), Jacob Baxley (Brian Howard), Emily Turner (Annie Sheps) and Gage Whitehurst (Greg Madison) work perfectly as a team. Lots of deep connections as their characters struggle to keep secrets and keep the wedding going without a hitch.

I would recommend this show to fans of romantic comedies, and those who enjoy laughing and love. For more show or ticket information for future shows with Center Stage Theatre at or on Facebook SCC Center Stage.