A UK Review in [exactly] 250 Words: "Sweet Charity" at the Watermill Theatre

 Gemma Sutton and the cast of Sweet Charity at the Watermill © Philip Tull

Gemma Sutton and the cast of Sweet Charity at the Watermill © Philip Tull

Harriet Wilson

  • United Kingdom Theatre Critic

Sweet Charity, currently playing at Newbury's Watermill Theatre, is a fun, immersive and completely unique production. Performed by a very strong cast of thirteen actor-musicians, this show will draw you in, make you laugh, and surprise you more than once.

Sweet Charity is not at all what you would expect from a 1966 musical. The Watermill Theatre's production of this classic feels fresh and new, and draws out relevant, topical themes (particularly gender equality), whilst maintaining a fantastically fun, jazzy and mischievous vibe.

Gemma Sutton is a charismatic and loveable Charity, whose strong connection with the audience is integral to the relatability of the show. Alex Cardall, making an impressive professional debut in the role of Oscar, also engages well with the audience, and both Sutton and Cardall make their characters seem completely real.

The use of actor-musicians in Sweet Charity is another strong contributor to the show's enjoyable atmosphere and a real highlight of the show. Tom Self is the production's on-stage musical director, and almost all of the remaining cast members play instruments of some kind.

The Watermill Theatre is a small space, seating only 200, so creative staging is vital. In Sweet Charity, staging does not only take the audience from one setting to another but also inspires a jazzy, cool ambiance throughout the show which really draws the audience in.

Sweet Charity is another great success for the Watermill Theatre, and certainly not one to be missed. The show is playing until the 15th of September.