Snaps to the Hawthorne Players “Legally Blonde: The Musical”


Erin Karll

  • Contributing Critic

The Hawthorne Players present “Legally Blonde: The Musical” at the Florissant Civic Center Theatre. The story follows the story of “Elle Woods” who gets scorned by her boyfriend and decides to change herself in order to win him back. That includes being admitted to Harvard Law school. The story is based off the film released in 2001, which is based on the novel by Amanda Brown also released in 2001.

There were some technical issues with microphones cutting in and out, and some quick changes did not work, but the cast and crew remained professional keeping the show going. The few recoveries that were needed happened quickly. Transitions between scenes worked smoothly thanks to a strong set and crew. Good job Trish Nelke (Director) and Ken Clark (Set Design and a very convincing mean Professor Callahan). 

Special notice for the choreography of this production. A stand out scene was “Whipped Into Shape” with the character “Brooke Wyndham”, played by Andrea Reed, in total command of the stage. I really enjoyed her energy. “Bend and Snap” was a crowd favorite. Elizabeth Breed Penny (Paulette) was hilarious and touching also in the scene “Ireland”. Ian McCreary demonstrated his comedic side playing UPS delivery man “Kyle” “Dewey” and “Nikos”. But girl power really owned this production. I enjoyed seeing such strong female characters on stage. Stefanie Kluba as Vivienne Kensington, Tamila Vulakh as Enid, and the Delta Nu sister lead by Elizabeth Kelley (Serena), Sophia Kluba (Pilar), and Kaitlin Nelke (Margot) showed the power of working together both in real life and in character. Snaps to these ladies! 

Sean Michael showed the character of “Emmett Forrest” with a vulnerability and charm. I enjoyed the makeover scene “Take it Like a Man”, but was blown away by “Chip on Your Shoulder” Michael and Devon Elizabeth Sofia as “Elle Woods” have a great connection. Sofia is a great example of a leading lady. Strong and confident, but open when hit by punches this character faces. 

An adorable addition to the cast were the two canine parts. Chewbacca (Bruiser Woods) and meatball (Rufus) were well behaved. I know the old saying never works with animals but these two proved they’re worth. 

I would recommend this show to anyone who believes in love (yes I went there) and enjoyed the film version. It is sassy, funny, energetic... in short blonde’s have more fun. For more show and ticket information visit or follow Hawthorne Players on Facebook.