A U.K. Review in [exactly] 250 Words: "Eris" at London’s Bunker Theatre


Harriet Wilson

  • United Kingdom Contributing Critic

Currently playing at London’s Bunker Theatre, Eris follows the story of Seán (Cormac Elliot), as he tries to find the most disruptive boyfriend possible to bring to a family wedding. As he struggles to move on from his last relationship, relying on the help of his friend Callista (Ashling O’Shea), Seán confronts family, prejudice … and Tinder.

Although, for the most part, the stylishness of this production is enjoyable and well-delivered, at times the show starts to feel self-indulgent. Additions such as a tenuous link to Greek mythology, which feels shoe-horned in at the end of the show, distract from the personal, empathetic exploration of character which is this production’s strongest feature.

Some of the show’s more self-indulgent moments feel like clumsy attempts to over-compensate for staging the play in a small venue with limited staging. This is not needed, however, as the production is well-suited to an intimate space.

The most enjoyable parts of Eris balance character exploration with comedy. When Seán ventures into the world of Tinder, the ensuing chaos is creatively presented, and highly entertaining. Elliot and O’Shea play their respective roles extremely well, and their charismas of allow a lot of scope for humour within the production.

Overall, I think that Eris would benefit from more humour, and less contrived artistry. That said, there are some really enjoyable moments in this show, and it does shine a light on some very relevant social topics.

Eris is playing at the Bunker Theatre until the 28th September 2018.