Review: “The Manufactured Myth of Eveline Flynn” at Theatre Three

  • Shawn Stalter, Contributing Critic - Dallas/Ft. Worth

“The Manufactured Myth of Eveline Flynn” at Theatre Three took the audience on an emotionally-charged, whirlwind journey through the shifting life, and mind, of self-described daydreamer, Eveline Flynn, played by the vibrant Lauren LeBlanc. This production not only traverses some uncharted waters, but it also does so with a unique flair and fresh perspective which breathes life into its characters in an accessible way.

Created by talented Dallasites Michael Federico and Ian Ferguson, “The Manufactured Myth of Eveline Flynn” places the audience inside the imaginative mind of a woman searching for meaning and connection while slipping in and out of a turbulent inner world. At first, we believe she’s an eccentric escapist but quickly come to discover that there’s much more to her story.

“The Manufactured Myth of Eveline Flynn” is, at times, a celebration of life set to the backdrop of bizarre interludes such as an intergalactic punk rock band space battle and an ABBA-inspired dance number. Then again, it is also, at times, a deep, brooding and indulgently-dark comedy exploring territory such as a sleep clinic turned house of nightmarish horrors.

Lauren LeBlanc’s performance as Eveline Flynn delivered a flurry of well-timed sarcastic wit, deep emotional range and superior vocal talents. Her command of the unique and intimate theatre-in-the-round stage at Theatre Three was remarkable. The diverse, passionate and dynamic cast, made exceptional use of space and rapid costuming changes to engage audiences from all directions while channeling multiple characters, all in an extremely intimate and tasteful setting. Although the production explored some complex and deep emotional terrain, it often treated it with indifference by forcing one-liner zingers where a more even-keeled emotional timber would have more evenly matched the action.

Overall, “The Manufactured Myth of Eveline Flynn” is an entertaining, high-energy avant-garde production which showcases the vibrant state of the local performing arts scene and extreme talent we have here in Dallas, Texas.

“The Manufactured Myth of Eveline Flynn” runs through Feb 24th at Theatre Three Dallas, located at 2800 Routh St. #168, Dallas, Texas. It is written by Michael Federico, directed by Kara-Lynn Vaeni and stars Lauren LeBlanc as Eveline Flynn, Madison Calhoun as Molly, Taylor Nash as Zoey, Angela Davis as Joyce, Mark Mullino as Simon, Ian Ferguson as Stephen, Quintin Jones Jr. as Foster, Aubrey Ferguson as Carol/Nun, and Spencer Driggers as Father Joe/Producer Greg/Dr. Morkan. The production features music and lyrics by Ian Ferguson and music direction by Vonda K. Bowling.

Learn more about Theatre Three and secure your seat for an upcoming performance of “The Manufactured Myth of Eveline Flynn” by visiting or calling (214) 871-3300.

Photo credit:  Jeffrey Schmidt