Review: “He’s Your Daddy” at Manhattan Repertory Theatre

  • Anthony J. Piccione, Associate New York Critic

When it comes to writing material that is bound to appeal to large audiences, it’s hard to go wrong with writing a family comedy. Throw in enough awkward situations and raunchy humor, and the result is usually bound to be an experience that will leave you laughing out loud from beginning to end. Such is the case with He’s Your Daddy, the latest outing to be presented at Manhattan Repertory Theatre.

Written by Michael Zielinski, the play jumps right in with its subject material: A young man who finds out that not only is his girlfriend working secretly as a nightclub stripper…but that his dad has been going to the strip club to watch her perform! You can easily see where this is going, right from the beginning. While the subject material might be somewhat cliché, that doesn’t make the show any less entertaining, with a mix of both witty dialogue and raunchy sexual humor that is bound to keep you laughing in your seat. 

Staged as part of Manhattan Rep’s Play Production Program, lead actors Chelsea Clark and David Silbergerdemonstrate a strong level of chemistry and comedic timing, which helps keep the show’s pacing go at a mostly good pace, and keeps the audience engaged and laughing at various points in the show. The scenic design primarily consists of a simple table and bed, with no shortage of food and water fights that are also worth noting, as part of the show’s production. 

My only major complaint is that there were various moments – particularly during the beginning scene – where the actors were talking way too fast, to the point where it was somewhat difficult to make out everything they were saying. Nonetheless, the overall show is a fun and silly experience, and while it’s full on raunchy humor that probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it managed to please this reviewer. If it ever returns to the stage at Manhattan Rep, it’s definitely worth your time.



“He’s Your Daddy” stars Chelsea Clark, Rick Lancaster, Florence Pape, Jacqueline Schreiber, David Silberger & KyonneSmith. 

“He’s Your Daddy” is written by Michael Zielinski and directed by Ken Wolf.

“He’s Your Daddy” ended its run at Manhattan Repertory Theatre on March 30th. For more information, please visit