Go ahead and pay the scalpers: Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theatre

Michele Clarke

It’s impossible to review this richly woven and sweeping production after just one viewing. So instead, thoughts on Hamilton the Musical from Row D, Seat 113 at the Richard Rodgers Theatre:

•    As a writer and composer, Lin-Manuel Miranda lies somewhere between Shakespeare and Mozart. That's how hard you're gonna work when you see this. And also how much you'll enjoy it.

In fact, you'll think Salieri v. Mozart after watching the staging of the first number. And you’ll come back to it as Hamilton and Burr circle each other when meeting Washington – and when King George cackles with delight at the prospect of chaos in the Colonies. Don't get stuck there. Hamilton is so much more than that.

•    None of us are talking about the choreography or set design or the intricacies of the music enough. This is an all-up masterpiece.

•    Not sure I'll ever see another production as perfectly cast.

•    Leslie Odom Jr. is a tour de force.

•    Jonathan Groff. Beyond being a gifted comedian (what a gift), he seems to break all the rules of theater in this performance. Instead of going big and broad, he plays George as if he's in the tightest of TV/film close-ups. Genius. And what. a. voice. #‎OceansRiseEmpiresFall‬

•    We'll soon be talking about Renée Elise Goldsberry in the same sentences as Julie Harris and Audra McDonald. This woman is bad ass.

•    Don't be afraid to see it when Javier Muñoz is playing Hamilton. He's a gifted and powerful actor and it gives you a chance to focus on the work without being distracted by Miranda's star power.

•    Finally, bring tissues. You're gonna cry.

Postscript… I avoided all things Hamilton – including the soundtrack – before seeing the show. It was very difficult to do with a life full of people who didn’t do the same. But if it’s not too late, I highly recommend it.