Best On-Stage Wedding Scenes

Liz Vestal

OnStage Columnist - Massachusetts


With my upcoming nuptials just under 2 weeks away, weddings and have been an all-encompassing thought for the last several weeks especially. *I would like to state for the record I am not a Bridezilla, nor do I talk about my wedding non-stop and I have several people to back up those statements.* Anyway. Back to the topic at hand. Weddings 

All the thinking about my wedding led me to think about some of the fabulous wedding scenes in musical theater. There are some great ones, some funny ones and some we only hear about but never see on stage.

Here’s my list of the top on-stage wedding scenes in a totally random order because my brain is fried and couldn’t possible rank these scene if I wanted to…


Spamalot- This one takes the wedding cake (haha- get it?!) for the sheer fact that (if memory serves) they kill the dad during the ceremony and not one guest finds it odd. Now yes, the dad was a jerk but still. Don’t worry Dad- this is not happening at my wedding! 

Kiss Me, Kate- I’m sure there are husbands out there who would love to escort their wife to their new home on the back of a donkey and/or lock her in her room until she decides to behave. Fortunately my soon-to-be-husband is not one of them. 

Anything Goes- Who doesn’t love a big triple wedding! Plus “I Get a Kick Out of You” really is a perfect wedding song. Maybe I’ll ask my DJ to work it into the music that night…

My Fair Lady- Another perfect wedding song, “Get Me to the Church on Time.” Now that I’m listening to it, since Alfie is basically telling folks they’ll have to drag him kicking and screaming to the alter after drinking all night, perhaps it’s not as romantic as I remembered…

Oklahoma- Ah. Back on the romantic track. There isn’t a sweeter more romantic wedding in all of musical theater. Laurie and Curly FINALLY realize they are perfect for each other and tie the knot with all of their friends and family surrounding them, they have an epic dinner, and it’s all beautiful…until the part where Jud tries to kill everyone. But ya know, up till that point it was all sunshine and roses.

Guys & Dolls- Another double wedding. These stage folks are smart, if your guest lists overlap share the fun AND the costs!

West Side Story- I know, they don’t technically get married. But they declare their love and fidelity to each other (pretty that’s almost verbatim the one line I have to memorize for my upcoming nuptials) Maria wears a veil (when you wear a veil it’s either First Communion or Wedding time), and you just know they go to the back room to consummate things so… I’m counting it as a wedding in my book.

The Sound of Music- No better bridal entrance music has ever been composed. In fact, I’m using Maria’s processional myself!

Mamma Mia- We’re getting married! No, we’re not! My mom’s getting married instead! Trust me, the amount of time and effort spent planning everything- you don’t wanna waste it!

I’m sure I missed some- what’s your favorite on-stage wedding scene?