Springtime for Teenagers: A Playlist

Amanda Mueller

OnStage Columnist


It is officially Spring Break season for all of those musical theatre lovers in school! This can be the perfect time to discover a new show or cast recording, see a show on Broadway or at a local theatre, or prepare for an upcoming audition. 

Me? I’ll be locked up in my room blasting showtunes about my adolescent angst and dreading the return back to school.

There are so many musical theatre songs that highlight all the ups and downs of being a teenager and I have compiled some of them for you here.  From becoming a teenager, to discovering love for the first time, to questioning the status quo, this list is just the tip of the iceberg of songs that truly demonstrate the rollercoaster of your teen years.  

So if you are a teenager in school who is looking for some answers, a parent trying to understand your kids, or just interested in taking a trip down memory lane and need some inspiration, take a listen.

In no particular order:

1.    “Becoming A Man” 13 the Musical

2.    “More Than Survive” Be More Chill

3.    “Beautiful” Heathers the Musical

4.    “Touch My Soul” Bare: A Pop Opera

5.    “A Night to Remember” High School Musical 

6.    “Freedom” The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown

7.    “Bitch of Living” Spring Awakening

8.    “Breathe” In The Heights

9.    “Changing My Major” Fun Home

10.    “The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set A Fire)” Be More Chill

11.    “Seventeen” Heathers the Musical

12.    “All That’s Known” Spring Awakening

What other songs remind you of your teenage years or describe your current adolescence? 
Let me know in the comments.