PLEASE Remember at the Stage Door that Colleen Ballinger is Not Your Personal 'Miranda Sings' Puppet!

Colleen Ballinger.jpg
  • Kevin Ray Johnson

The news just went out that Colleen Ballinger, who is famously known for creating the internet sensation Miranda Sings, will be making her Broadway debut as Dawn in Waitress for a four week run from August 20th through September 15th. I think that is wonderful. When I was introduced to Miranda Sings many years ago, it was like the same feeling I had when I first saw The Room. I was just blown away. I (like many of you) fell In LOVE with Miranda Sings almost to the point where I forgot that this was an actress portraying a character. I loved Haters Back Off on Netflix and to this day am dumbfounded that SNL never tried to sign her.

With that being said, I honestly respect the artist that is Colleen Ballinger and really appreciate the hard work she has put into not only Miranda Sings but her entire career. I think she owes a huge debt of gratitude to the character Miranda Sings but by no means do I feel that Miranda Sings in any way shape or form defines Colleen Ballinger! I just want to say to all the fanboys, fan-girls and fan-theys that plan to see Colleen Ballinger in Waitress on Broadway, do NOT at stage door demand for her to do Miranda Sings or anything like that. She is not a puppet, and at this point, I feel Miranda Sings is on her terms and no one else's. Don’t treat her like a puppet. Don’t take out your phone and record her and say “COLLEEN DO MIRANDA” (or anything like that). Let’s treat this artist with respect you would treat any other artist at the stage door. What made me think of writing this was when I recently read a story about how Ellen Degeneres always has people going up to her with a phone and wanting her to dance. Yes, she is a celebrity, and in some ways, it comes with the territory that you might meet a weird fan here and there, but how is that different from saying to someone “Dance, Puppet.”

So yeah, just please remember that there is a fantastic actress behind Miranda Sings named Colleen Ballinger and she is the one going to Broadway, not Miranda Sings! With that said, I can’t wait to see her do her thing in Waitress!