Review: “A Microwaved Burrito Filled with E. coli” at FringeNYC 2016

David Roberts

OnStage Chief New York Theatre Critic

Self-described foul mouthed talking, pill popping, lady loving Molly “Equality” Dykeman (Andrea Alton) is back – again it turns out according to the ratings on Yelp – at Enchilada Shelly’s for a friend’s wedding. Molly is a butch security guard at P.S. 339 in the Bronx who, unapologetically, sports a mullet and an orange vest – she wears the vest 24/7 although she only works one day a week. Molly is ninety-nine percent dyke and one percent lesbian and a poet.

While at Shelly’s, Molly meets Angie Louise Angelone (Allen Warnock) freshly arrived in New York City from Kentucky and a waitress at Shelly’s. On the LGBTQ spectrum, Angie describes herself as more “Q.” Questioning and gloriously queer, Angie would like to begin gender reassignment surgery but cannot afford the cost and finds in Molly someone she can talk to and trust. That’s the thing about Molly – she loves unconditionally and non-judgmentally. And she is funny as hell.

Molly has never paid rent, is high most of the time, and is always in the present. She speaks her mind and wears her heart on her sleeve. Although her girlfriend Giselle has jilted her (and owes Molly an apology), Molly will stay with her girl – at least until she finds Queen Latifah. 

Andrea Alton and Allen Warnock have created an engaging story for Molly and her new friend Angie. Their characters are richly layered and carefully developed. Each has interesting conflicts that drive interesting plots that engage their audience to reflect upon the comedic elements in the vicissitudes of the human experience. 

Mark Finley directs Ms. Alton and Mr. Warnock with collaborative genius since these two consummate comics play off one another with improvisational distinction. Their timing is perfect, their humor endearing and freshly contemporary. Molly once told this critic – on the sly of course – that her poetry was not Brechtian. Although there might be a grain of truth in her self-criticism, the work of her creator (and alter ego) Andrea Alton here is somehow reminiscent of the relationship between Mick Kelly and her little brother Bubber who desperately wants a pink costume (“The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter,” Carson McCullers). The lover and the beloved exist in tragedy and comedy; in the best of times and in the worst of times.

Molly gets around the boroughs of New York City (and on YouTube an on her Blog), but why not see her up close and personal in “A Microwaved Burrito Filled with E. coli” at the Huron Club at Soho Rep before she moves on Wednesday August 24.


“A Microwaved Burrito Filled with E. coli” is presented by The New York International Fringe Festival in association with Emerging Artists Theatre at the Huron Club at the SoHo Playhouse, 15 Vandam Street (between 6th Avenue and Varick Street). Photo by Jenny Rubin.

For more information about the show and the cast and creative team, please visit For more information about the 20th Annual New York Fringe Festival visit Running time is 55 minutes without intermission.

Pictured: Andrea Alton and Allen Warncok. Photographer: Jenny Rubin.